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WINDEV MOBILE 20 is available in english

This most anticipated version is required for publishing 64 bits apps on the appstore. It’s a pre-version that has not been fully translated.

PCSOFT made this version available earlier than previously scheduled because of the new rules edicted by Apple :

Beginning on February 1, 2015 new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK.

WINDEV MOBILE for IOS 64 bits apps

WINDEV 20 :: The best version ever

WINDEV 20 the best version ever

WINDEV 20, WEBDEV 20 and WINDEV MOBILE 20 will give you :

  • a spreadshett control
  • dynamic tabs à la Google Chrome
  • a new Google map control
  • an improved rollap cube
  • a sunburst graph
  • SCM in the Cloud
  • a new preview window
  • easy parallel programming
  • ODBC 3
  • MariaDB native access
  • Big Data (riak database)
  • support for IOS 8 and the iPhone 6/6+
  • a table control for IOS and Android
  • support for TouchID and Toast for IOS
  • WYSIWYG in WEBDEV editor
  • more AJAX features
  • a true HTML editor
  • CSS handling programmatically
  • and many more …

Xcode version for WINDEV MOBILE 17

With IOS6, Apple released xCode 4.5. This version of Xcode does not generate armv6 binaries anymore and there cannot be used with WINDEV MOBILE.


See our FAQ for details and solutions : Xcode 4.5 and IOS device with WINDEV MOBILE 17.

An invaluable source of information

The unit example from the Kouglof are an invaluable source of information.

Unit example

In this example, you will find the source code for a “WeekNumberToDate” function.

How to generate an editor dump

How to generate a WINDEV editor dump

See our FAQ section for details How to generate an editor dump

Version 17 :: Native Access for PostgreSQL is now available

WX170PACKPostgreSQL069c.exe PostgreSQL for WINDEV 17

Quick download for version 17 (69t and 69w)

Version 17 is available, give it a try. To avoid download problems with HTTP, get it directly from the PCSOFT ftp server !

69t (beta)


69w version 69t need to be installed first

WinDev 17
WebDev 17
WinDev Mobile 17

Faster WINDEV Upgrades download with FileZilla

Using FileZilla you can make your upgrades download better, faster and safer. The only little problem is that the real FTP link is hidden, but it’s really a little problem.

Read our FAQ

Available now : the LST examples in english

In the LST section, you will find the description in english of all the LST examples (The LST is a french magazine edited by PCSOFT).

Go to the LST section

The WINDEV ultimate tip that saves hours - restore factory settings

Sometimes things became wrong like for no reason and we’d like to get WINDEV as it was before. It can be done by restoring Factory settings. See this new FAQ